Hitting the bars again ;)

Well, after a busy busy holiday season, I’m back and ready for an exciting new year full of vegan deliciousness!  January also marks my two-year anniversary with veganism, and I couldn’t be any happier about that.  You’ve been so good to me, baby.

I had some mouthwateringly fantastic pictures of a dinner at Manchester’s Cafe Momo for a review that I was going to post to kick off the new year.  But then yesterday I went and lost my camera and, naturally, the memory card inside it!  So I guess I will just have to go back to Momo another time to get more pictures.  Just so the suspense doesn’t kill you, here is the gist of my review: AWESOME.   Tasty Nepalese food.  Go!  And don’t miss the deceptively unassuming flatbread.  My sister, a true bread enthusiast if there ever was one, completely adored it.

Actually, I still have all my notes from the Momo dinner, so I could still do a writeup if you guys wouldn’t be too terribly bored reading an all-text review.  Hmm.  I guess I will have to think about that one.  Comment if you have an opinion on this!

For now, though, here are some non-Momo pictures I managed to import prior to yesterday!

Some months ago I mentioned that Apotheca is one of the coolest and most underrated places (EVER) in southern NH.  (This is still true.)  I also mentioned that they carry one of my favorite baked goods (EVER), namely, the “Vegan Delight” bar from Country Life Bakery in Harrisville.  Well, even though I haven’t written about them since May, rest assured I’ve been steadily eating them all that time.  And, as promised, I finally managed to get some glamour shots of one of them in before devouring!

blueberry bar!  sadly, the URL on the label seems to be for a defunct site; go here instead: http://www.newellness.org/bakery.htm

These bars are HUGE and come in all kinds of flavors (some seasonal) including blueberry, raspberry, date, cherry, apple, strawberry, and pumpkin.  I seriously can’t wait for them to be noticed and picked up by other markets so they’d be more accessible across the state — though I’m sure Apotheca doesn’t mind the steady stream of business from me!  Here’s the same bar, unwrapped:

blueberry bar, unwrapped! I have pics of other flavors too but they all look pretty much the same...just slightly different in color of filling.

Oh man.  I can’t stand it.  I’m actually blogging from out of state at the current moment, and these pics are making me consider an early flight home ;) Go get ’em!

Find Country Life Bakery’s “Vegan Delight” squares at Apotheca Flowers and Tea Chest, 24 Main St, Goffstown, NH. http://www.apothecaflowershoppe.com/



3 responses to “Hitting the bars again ;)

  1. Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    That looks great! I love blueberries.

    • It is so tasty! The only flavor I like better than the blueberry is the cherry. I really hope the bars get “big” enough to get stocked on Vegan Essentials or some similar site. I’m still bouncing back and forth between home and Los Angeles for class, and I really miss these things when I’m in Cali!

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