Hi!  I’m Katy.  I’m still working the kinks out of my blog in terms of style and substance, so your feedback is greatly appreciated!

I’ve been vegan since January 2009 and vegetarian since December 2006.  I’ve followed a conventional journey down the veg path (first cut out just red meat…then poultry, then fish, then eggs and cheese, and lastly honey) but for unconventional reasons.  My initial switch to vegetarianism was for a really lame reason, actually.  I had shied away from meat at school for a long time since its quality always seemed…questionable.  Then I went home for thanksgiving, totally stuffed myself with turkey and got really sick!  I decided to never eat meat again.

Of course, if that had been the ONLY reason, it wouldn’t have stuck.  I rarely make big decisions without doing a ridiculous amount of research, and deciding to cut out meat was no different.  I found that the more I learned — about wasted land, about misuse of energy and resources, about the questionable practices employed in factory farming, and about the consequences for my own health — the more motivated I was to stay veggie.   In fact, the very last veg-related cause that I eventually came around to sympathize with was the animal rights movement!  I am now vegan for so many reasons I’d never dream of “going back.”

Review policy: I will happily accept suggestions for restaurants or products to review (though there is no GUARANTEE that I will review the item or location you’ve suggested).  I will happily accept donations of products for review, though again please note that there is no guarantee or contract that I will review them or review them favorably.  I will always give my honest opinion!

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  1. Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Reading your background here I realize I came at this whole thing from the other side. I grew up omni and then I felt really bad for the animals being killed so I became vegetarian and then I became vegan. I think my love for animals is my first, last and only reason for being vegan. (Though I am trying to be a little bit more healthy in general too.)

    It’s so interesting to read all the different paths people have taken towards this choice, thanks for sharing. And nice blog by the way, I will be checking back in future for sure.

    Cheers!! And Happy Thanksgiving!! :-)

    • Most of the other vegans I know are in it solely for the animals too. I have no problem with that point of view (obviously!) and I sympathize greatly with it. (In fact that’s a big part of what turned me from being a dietary-only vegan to being concerned with the source of my shoes, shampoo, makeup, etc.). But, that was never the driving force behind my attraction to veganism in the first place which, as you noted, makes my point of view a little different.

      I think it’s great that there are so many compelling reasons to go/be/stay vegan!!

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