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Peace O’ Pie brunch REPORT!

I was lucky enough to be in Allston this past Sunday when Peace O’ Pie served up their inaugural brunch.  Naturally, I couldn’t wait to check it out!  And since brunch is always better with friends, I dragged my vegetarian buddy along to check it out with me ;)

Let me start by saying that the pricing system Po’P has conjured up is just brilliant.  Pay-by-weight brunch is a GREAT idea.  No more stuffing your stomach to the point of explosion to “get your money’s worth,” and no more dirty looks if you return for just one more helping of tofu scramble to stuff in your takeout box.  The price per pound was $8, which I at first thought would be a little pricey but turned out to be completely reasonable.  I paid less than $6 for my meal (my friend’s was under $5!) and was totally full and satisfied.

The brunch spread was pretty tiny, but then again, so is Po’P, so this was to be expected.  The nearly-all organic brunch offerings were as follows (no particular order):

  • Tofu scramble
  • Breakfast potatoes
  • Veggies
  • Rosemary sausage
  • Cinnamon-coconut French toast
  • Tempeh bacon
  • Mac and cheese
  • Breakfast pizza

Desserts were also available for an additional charge, but I couldn’t bring myself to pay $3.50 for a cinnamon roll when these babies are only $5 for a whole package.  Granted, I’m sure the Po’P ones were homemade and therefore tastier, but… I’ve been trying to keep some semblance of responsibility with my food budget. :P

I tried a little of everything but the French toast (because my friend got some and I didn’t want a whole slice) and the veggies, which I decided weren’t really worth $8/lb.  Every healthy bone in my body said to load up on the veggies, but dude, you can get roasted veggies any day of the week.  How many days of the week can you get vegan pizza, sausage, and mac by the pound?  (Answer: one!)

Brunch at Peace o' Pie! SOOOO good!

The short version: THIS WAS AWESOME.  You MUST try this brunch at some point!

Longer version:

  • The tempeh bacon was really good — pretty sure it was just Lightlife, but they made it much crispier than I’ve ever managed to get it at home.  This is probably why they have a restaurant, and I don’t.
  • The scramble was a little weird.  I was pretty pleased with my first few bites, and then I tasted the green peppers in it…  I like green peppers usually,  don’t get me wrong, but these tasted like perhaps they were spoiled or just cooked funny or…?  Not my favorite thing on the plate but I’m willing to assume the funky peppers were just a fluke.  I’d still try it again next time.
  • Potatoes were… potatoes!  This is a good thing.  Breakfast potatoes were the perfect complement to this brunch.
  • The mac and cheese was super-tasty too (even though my portion consisted of the last dregs I managed to scrape up from the tray before they replaced it with a new one!).
  • The sausage was REALLY “convincing,” if you’re into that.  I’m not, so I had a hard time eating it!  I had to split it with my friend and both of us were amazed at how meaty it tasted.  If I hadn’t been dining in a 100% veggie establishment I would have assumed there was a mix-up in the kitchen.
  • The pizza was the crown jewel!  Not listed on their regular menu, the “breakfast pizza” basically consisted of most of the other brunch offerings (scramble, roasted veggies, bacon, potatoes) atop a generously Daiya-ed crust.  My friend and I, who have consumed plenty of pizza in our lifetimes, were both seriously impressed by how tasty this was, for whatever that’s worth.

I’m so excited Po’P has decided to make this a weekly tradition that I could probably ramble about it for a few more paragraphs, but the moral of this story is GO TO PEACE O’ PIE FOR BRUNCH!  Throw it into your monthly vegan brunch rotation!  It’s about time; the first-week-of-the-month slot has been open forever.  (Cafe Indigo offers brunch the 2nd and 4th Sundays and Grasshopper, of course, does the 3rd.)  Unless you are a total brunch hater (and if so, shame on you!) you will not be disappointed.

Peace o’ Pie is located at 487 Cambridge St, Allston, MA.


Peace o’ BRUNCH!

Exciting news!!  ALL-VEGAN Allston pizzeria Peace o’ Pie has announced that they will now be open for Sunday brunch from 11-3 (priced by the pound, to be fair to people of all appetite sizes :)).  This Sunday, October 17th, is the first!  Mark those calendars!

Peace o’ Pie is a pretty special place for lotsa reasons.  First, the obvious: they offer all manner of (VEGAN) pizza pies, pizza slices, calzones, and awesome desserts.  But were you aware they also offer Daiya priced by the pound so you can make your own pizzas at home?  And that they offer gluten-free pizzas on Thursdays so errybody can eat and be happy?  Or that they deliver?!   If that weren’t enough… they are mostly organic, and one of the greenest establishments I can think of.  Their Web site says it best:

  • [Peace o’ Pie] used eco-friendly building materials during its remodel, including sustainably produced bamboo counterfront, a PaperStone countertop (100% recycled office paper), ceiling tiles with 65% recycled content.
  • recycles
  • composts
  • uses compostable, biodegradable packaging and supplies
  • uses CF bulbs wherever possible

When you dine at Peace o’ Pie, don’t throw anything away. Give whatever is left back to us, and we will make sure that as much as possible is either recycled or composted before we resort to the trash bin for biodegradables and other non-recyclables.

Dang!  That’s serious recycling commitment.

There are precious few vegan pizzerias on the entire planet (and probably none greener than Po’P), so we should celebrate the one we’ve got in our own backyard!  If you can make it out this Sunday, show Peace o’ Pie some love!
Peace o’ Pie is located at 487 Cambridge St, Allston, MA.  Their FIRST-EVER weekly Sunday brunch will be offered from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. October 17th.