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True Bistro now open in Somerville!

Wow, I’m behind the times on this one.  I just found out that True Bistro, which had been floating around in not-quite-open-yet-land for a while, has officially been open since November 9th!  This is excellent news for Somerville, a lovely area (if I do so say so) that deserves more vegan dining options.

And what options!  The menu looks seriously awesome (complete with wine pairing suggestions!), the chefs have experience at Millennium in San Francisco, I love their statement of commitments and look! They are open for brunch!

True looks like a solid contender for successfully bridging the gaps between the various vegan varieties — they offer everything from raw food (portobello pave, granny smith apple salad), to mock meat-heavy dishes (Gardein cutlet, seitan cheeseburger), to classier fare (tempeh and walnut pâté, seared spaetzle, the list goes on…!).  My little snippets of the menu don’t even begin to cover the wide variety offered at True — read it for yourself; I promise you will have to continuously remind yourself that it is 100% vegan.

You can add True to your Thanksgiving options too!  They will be open for dinner from 2-9pm on Turkey Day with a $55 prix fixe menu ($80 if you want wine too).  Make sure you call to reserve a spot.

I am super-excited to try this place out!  Expect a full report when I do!

True Bistro is located at 1153 Broadway in Somerville, MA.