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Vegan by Design…

…So, did anyone go?


Alert! “Vegan by Design” dinner this Wednesday at Mint Bistro

This week’s Hippo has great news for Manchester-area vegans: a completely cruelty-free five-course gourmet dinner, just downtown on Elm Street!  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  This kind of event is absolutely unheard of around here, but it’s coming this Wednesday to Mint Bistro nonetheless.

Mint is a relatively new spot — it opened in early 2009 IIRC.  It’s on the northier end of Elm but still in the heart of things.  My grandmother was actually the one to recommend it to me, which might (subconsciously) be a reason I’ve never actually been there yet.  Though the Hippo article mentions that the executive chef is trained in vegan cooking, there isn’t much on their “contemporary fusion style” menu that’s vegan-friendly; but as I understand you can ask for something to be cooked up special for you.

That’s on the average day, of course.  This Wednesday is special.  Here’s the course list for the dinner — ready?!  Straight from the Hippo’s mouth:

The menu starts with baby mustard greens in an herb tahini vinaigrette with falafel and a red pepper emulsion.  Next will be summer rolls made with raw vegetables and avocado with a guava-chili marmalade.  The third course is the tomato nigiri with soy grastique, followed by crispy Japanese eggplant with curried roasted root vegetables, toasted almond faro, and coconut-tomato relish.  The meal will finish with fried dough served with a wildberry compote, Asian pear, Zambuca flambee and cinnamon sugar.

WHAT?!  This is so awesome I can’t even get my head around it.  For one, this is happening at a restaurant that usually has zero vegan entrees on the menu.  For another, this guy knows what he’s doing — those courses aren’t just regular omni dishes with the meat and cheese removed.  Third: IN NEW HAMPSHIRE!  They’re offering a five-course vegan dinner IN NEW HAMPSHIRE!  We don’t even have a Whole Foods up here.  This is serious progress.

Now for the bad part.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it!  I’m still waiting to see what my schedule will be this Wednesday night, but I might end up unable to go :(  So I’m counting on you, my fellow southern-NH veggie-types!  I think it’s important we make a good showing so they see that the demand for quality vegan fare is high.  Otherwise this kind of awesome event may not happen again for a long while…and that would be tragic.  I’ll do my best to be there, schedule and budget permitting, but I don’t know for sure.

“Vegan by Design” dinner details:

  • 5 courses
  • $40 per person (prix fixe)
  • Reservations highly recommended — call 603-625-MINT or e-mail

Mint Bistro is located at 1105 Elm Street in Manchester.