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Camera update

Bad news, good news, and necessary news!

Bad: After one week, I still haven’t received any word about my camera.  At this point I think I’m just going to have to accept that it’s gone (along with the memory card, carrying case and two pairs of extra batteries).  I’m a little sad about this, because along with the camera the case also contained a Groupon with my name and email address on it.   I was able to re-print and use the Groupon, so that’s fine… but it means that whoever found the camera was just not interested in finding its rightful owner and returning it.  Sigh.

Good: I’m not quite as spacey as I thought!  I found the Cafe Momo pictures I wrote about last time — evidently I did upload them after all!  So I’ll be able to put that review up sometime before the end of the day today.

Necessary: Having resigned myself to the fact that my camera is gone, I just ordered a replacement on Amazon.  So have no fear — the pics will continue :)

Stay tuned for that Momo post later tonight!


I’m a vegan, you’re a vegan… we’re on the same side, right??

Lindsay Nixon at Happy Herbivore has written a really great post about the issues that occasionally arise between the two vegan “camps”: those of us who originally went vegan for health reasons, those of us who originally went vegan for animal rights.  Living as we are in the wake of a lot of hurtful anti-vegan sentiment coming from “ex-vegans,” this article couldn’t have come at a better time.  It is gently written, makes some wonderful points and has sparked a lot of intelligent debate in the comments section!

Here is an excerpt I completely identify with:

“Although my veganism started from a selfish perspective, it morphed into something greater, which I think is true for a lot of people. … Many of us come to veganism for one reason, but then find ourselves caring about the other reasons once we get here.”

Definitely worth reading!

Vegans for Health Are Still Vegans

Vegans for Health are still Vegans.

Chocolate-covered giveaway!

Hey guys, just a heads-up that Chocolate-Covered-Katie is giving away TWO mixed boxes of the new Larabar flavors!  These things are awesome, you should definitely give it a shot!

Her contest ends on the 16th, so time’s a-wasting… get to it!


Just a quick note to let you know that I will be traveling to California tomorrow and staying there for most of the month of August.  I still have a few New England posts lined up in the queue, but for the most part my entries next month will have to focus on grocery items so they can be relevant to you too.  Los Angeles, where I’m staying, boasts many vegan restaurants — but, if you’re stuck in the Northeast like I am most of the time, reading reviews of incredible restaurants 3000 miles away can be mildly depressing!  So in the interest of not making you jealous, I will refrain from such behavior.  If you’re really interested in L.A.’s veg offerings I’d suggest checking out quarrygirl.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Free shipping offer from VeganEssentials!

Just a heads up!  Everyone’s favorite online purveyor of all things vegan (or at least a major contender), VeganEssentials, is offering a sweet deal until 11:59pm tomorrow (Monday the 19th).  All you gotta do is order $40 worth of stuff and then enter FSJ in the coupon code box at checkout.  I for one have been adding stuff to my cart all month in the hopes of having the shipping cost seem a little less painful by spreading it over many items…so this came as a great relief!  Now’s your chance to stock up on all that hard-to-find stuff.

Sorry for the break!

Hello!  I apologize for the unannounced hiatus.  There was a family vacation  trip I forgot to tell you about, followed by a stop in Arizona to visit the boyfriend.  The good news is I have a whole bunch of posts lined up and they’ll be ready for you to read soon!

In the meantime, congratulations to Chef Chloe!

Vegan by Design…

…So, did anyone go?