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“Black Weekend” specials at Vegan Essentials and E.L.F.

Wow, Black Friday!  Here again.  When I was growing up, our yearly Black Friday tradition was to stay at home the entire day if at all possible — to avoid traffic and crowds (and I guess rampant consumerism).  Fortunately, nowadays you can get your must-haves for the holiday without needing to go anywhere!  More and more online retailers are offering sales on Friday as well as, or even in lieu of, “Cyber Monday.”  Here are two deals that stand out to me as noteworthy for us vegan-types.

Vegan Essentials is offering a new deal each day this weekend!  If you’ve had stuff hanging around in your VE cart for ages but were waiting around for prices to go down before you ordered (*cough* like me), now’s your chance.  Follow them on facebook for more updates, and check out their deals below:

11/26 deal (today!): Enter code “BF1” to save 15% your entire order, ANY SIZE. Expires at 11:59p Friday (doesn’t say what time zone, so I’m assuming their local Wisconsin time).

11/27 deal: Enter the appropriate code and receive free shipping on your order — applies only to orders of $50 or more.  Enter “BF2A” for free shipping on orders of $50-75, “BF2B” for $75-100, “BF2C” for $100-125, “BF2D” for $125-150, “BF2E” for $150+.  This code will only work on 11/27 and expires Saturday at 11:59p.

11/28 deal: Free Veganu soap with any order (no code required), and free bag of Dandies marshmallow with your order of $50 or more (enter code “dandies”).  Deal only valid 11/28 and expires Sunday at  11:59p.

E.L.F., for Eyes Lips Face, is an almost entirely cruelty-free cosmetics retailer.  They offer super-affordable (one entire line is $1/item) makeup, brushes, and bath items that are not tested on animals and contain no animal products.  Their stuff is legit, too — their $1 regular/waterproof combo mascara is my go-to mascara for everyday use, and it doesn’t clump, it looks great and a tube lasts for 2-3 months.  There are also more “upscale” lines of mineral-based makeup and “studio” makeup, which cost a little more, but still way cheaper than buying something at the department store counter.   Here’s their deal for today:

11/26 deal: Enter “BOGO50.”  Buy one item, get the next 50% off, sitewide.  Plus free shipping if your order tallies over $30.

EDIT! 11/29 Cyber Monday deal!: Enter code “55WIDE” to receive 55% off your order over $25!  This is a great offer!

Hope something in here helps you!