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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope your plans for Tofurkey-prep (or not) and reconnecting with family (or not) are going well.  I was last-minutedly alerted to one other vegan fine dining opportunity for tomorrow, in addition to the one at True Bistro.

Apparently UpStairs on the Square in Cambridge (the “Square” is the Harvard one) has been serving a full vegan Thanksgiving menu for years now, in addition to the traditional meaty one.  As I’ve never been, I didn’t know (too rich for my blood… more specifically, too rich for my wallet!).  But if I had the cash and was going to be in the area tomorrow, I’d try it for sure.  I’m not totally sure what “Suprêmes of Orange & Grapefruit” are, but no matter, they sold me on the baked stuffed acorn squash and persimmon compote.  Plus, native apple cider!

Check out what their executive chef, Steve Brand, had to say about UpStairs’s vegan Thanksgiving tradition:

“I feel strongly that vegans need a Thanksgiving too — one just as full of joy, comfort and good food as the one centered around turkey and dairy. I love cooking a vegan Thanksgiving, and we now have a faithful group of vegan eaters who come every year.”


Definitely call UpStairs on the Square at 617-864-1933 for reservations if you’re thinking of going, and be sure to specify you want the vegan option.

The meal is prix fixe but I’m a little confused on the prix itself.  The official Web site lists it as $68 for the whole menu if you’re over 12, or $34 for the kiddos.  But according to this City’s Best article, the dinner costs $65 with (vegan) wine or $45 without.  Either way, you’ll want to get reservations so give ’em a call and find out.

UpStairs on the Square is located at 91 Winthrop Street in Cambridge.  Their vegan Thanksgiving Day meal will be served from 1p-7p.  Call for reservations.  http://www.upstairsonthesquare.com/